The Future of Left Scotland

You may have noticed that Left Scotland has been quiet of late. It’s not from lack of things happening either, but sadly forces outside of my control.

Often when people have referred to Left Scotland, or prior to that the IndyRef Weekly Review, they talk about the team behind the programming. But the reality is there is no team. There never has been. There was just me, and I have tried to do my best with the resources I had.

When I originally launched the crowd-funder to take on Left Scotland as a full time project 6 months ago, I may have overestimated what was achievable in the time I had, and for that I apologise. It has now reached the end of my funding, which unfortunately never reached it’s target, and I have taken the decision to stop doing Left Scotland as a full-time endeavour, and instead to find other full-time work for the foreseeable future.

But that does not mean it is going away. In fact, it is returning. Left Scotland may not have lived up to what I hoped it would be, but what I have realised is that it was most enjoyable – and most accessible – in it’s earliest format. That is what it will be returning to; a fortnightly breakdown of significant news and events in Scotland. Perhaps that is what it should have remained as in the first place.

To everyone who contributed to the original fund, please know that your contributions have allowed me to invest in the equipment and foundations that will allow the programme to continue. Without you, the show would not be going on.

I promised six months of content. There may be less of it, but it will last beyond that promise. My long term hopes for Left Scotland is to continue to share news and views that do not get the attention they deserve. Jello Biafra once said “Don’t hate the media. Become the media.” That is something that the people of Scotland have stood up and done. I hope to continue to bring another voice to that chorus, and I hope you will stay with me as we move forward and continue to build the Scotland that we all wanted, and the world we want to leave behind.

The next episode of Left Scotland will be available soon.

Thank you,



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