Launching Left Scotland

Like many in Scotland, my interest in politics had reared it’s head at different points throughout my life, but it truly flourished during the Scottish Independence Referendum. I did not come to my decision to vote Yes lightly, but when I did, my desire and interest to get involved blossomed into a fiery compulsion. I created the #IndyRef Weekly Review to share some of the stories and viewpoints that I felt weren’t being heard. I felt this was particularly necessary during the referendum as only one major newspaper, the Sunday Herald, came out in support of independence. The rest remained barely impartial or actively in support of a no vote.

However Left:Scotland is not a blog in support of independence. Or rather, it is, but that isn’t the only topic that I’ll be writing and making videos about. The impetus for independence was primarily a desire for change and a way to combat Westminster policies. Every voice that shouted for social justice should not be quietened by a single defeat. We still have the same oppositions, the same austerity, the same problems. We should still have the same desire for action.

Since the referendum we have seen more of the same from Westminster, but we have also seen a Scotland transformed. Political engagement and understanding is at an all-time high, and the next few months as we approach the UK general election is likely to be extremely interesting.

The referendum has been referred to as a “carnival of democracy” in Scotland, and I hope that we, as a nation, can continue the movement for change. I hope that we will continue to hold politicians to account, that we continue to stand for what we believe in. In short, I hope that the party doesn’t stop.

2014-09-10 17.11.00

Left:Scotland will become a series of videos and posts that I want to contribute to the movement for change in Scotland. The referendum was a steep learning curve for me, and I intend to keep climbing it. So if you’re interested, come take this journey with me.


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